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Current Group Therapy:

RESTORE: Men’s Sexual Health Group

Thursday evenings, ongoing group. From 6:30pm -8:00pm in the Santa Ana office.

Are you trying to break free of compulsive sexual behaviors? Recovery from sex addiction involves being honest, accountable, seen and met by safe men that speak a similar language; shame and isolation can be a bridge to freedom and healthy sex. This group is a place for you to gain support from others going through the same struggle and be equipped with proven tools so that you can experience healthier relationships, find hope and be free from destructive behaviors.*An interview is required prior to the beginning of the group. Also, each group member is required to also be in individual counseling since this group is intended to supplement individual counseling. Many different emotions tend to arise during the course of group counseling, and we want to verify that you have the additional support necessary to deal with these different thoughts and feelings.

About the Group:

The group is limited to 7 participants. The group will be held on Thursday nights from 6:30pm-8:00pm. This will be an ongoing group.

To participate in the group, an upfront deposit of the monthly fee of $250 holds your spot. Payment for the month is due on the first meeting of each new month.


SRP Office in Santa Ana. For more information, for an application and to set up an interview, contact Don at 562.508.0059 or at