Don Diva, LMFT, CSAT


Heal. Love. Restore


Sex & Porn Addiction • Alcohol & Drug Problems • Couples • Recovery


Are you stuck in unhealthy relationship patterns? Are you coping with the stress of life in destructive ways- by bottling up your feelings or acting out through addiction or in toxic relationships? Have you been betrayed by a loved one? You do not have to struggle alone. During the different stages of our lives, our relationships, and our family life cycle, we can get stuck in certain places.

As your therapist we would work together to help you find what you need so that you can move through these stuck places, experience healthier relationships, find hope and be free from destructive behaviors. I specialize in sex and porn addiction counseling, drug and alcohol addiction counseling, counseling for partners of addicts, counseling for infidelity, and counseling for couples. Ultimately, my goal and hope is that you discover love, freedom and joy.

I look forward to meeting you.